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A Place, Where Investment is Your Assets...
OTP Contribution Scheme
OTP Contribution Scheme is available with various tenures which the members can choose as per their requirement. Attractive FD interest rates are offered based...
Product Contribution Scheme
Product Contribution Scheme (PCS) account lets memberís deposit a fixed installment every month on which they earn a cumulative return (Yearly Compounding) on maturity.
Monthly Product Profit Scheme
The Monthly Product Profit Scheme (MPPS) is a unique scheme where members can invest a specific amount and get returns every month till the end of the tenure at our...
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Finesight Agro
Finesight Agro India Producer Company Limited is a mutual benefit Company carrying on the business of a non-banking financial institution. Mutual Benefit Companies Are Incorporated Under Indian Companies Act, 2013. It is a nonbanking financial company doing the business of lending and borrowing with its members or shareholders. The government has set up law for the Security of the deposit in the company to which the cradle is legally necessary. Finesight Agro India Producer Company Limited is fully complied with capital adequacy norms set by the government.
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The Primary objective of our institution is to cultivate the habit of savings among our members. Our first and foremost aim is to satisfy our members and create mutuality among them... More Info
Products Offered
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